We are recruiting 'machine assembly' and 'plumber' to work together with us.

Interview with Senior Engineer

Atsushi Satou
Atsushi SatouIn charge of machine assembly
When did you join Shikoku Industries?
I started work in 2006, after having worked other companies.
16th year at this company.
Expert engineer. I heard now you are in charge of machine assembly.
Is it the same as before?
I did metal processing before, wire-cutting. So I started my career here as a beginner. Now I am in charge of machine assembly, as you said, but in addition, I do parts machining by miling macine and lathe. I can make good use of my experience in this field.
Can you tell me about machine assembly.
I mainly assemble Sludge Cut, the original product of the company.
Assembly, adjustment, piping and test run are the scope of my work.
I think that's very wide scope.
Yes, lots of things to learn. Machining, welding and sheet metal bending to adjust each parts. Piping techniques not to leak. Some electrical engineering knowledge is necessary.
Are you in charge by yourself?
Basically I take charge of one machine. I get help when busy.
It sounds like your job is very hard...
I think, personally, I am fullfilling because the company leaves me different tasks. Sometimes I get difficult experience, it takes me years to do various works. But this job is worthwhile for me.
Fullfilling work place for motivated person.
My central work is machine assembly. But it is necessary to learn varios processings. So for those who are interested in the fields this company is fullfilling. We have lathe, machining center, NC miling machine, laser processing machine and bending machine.
By the way do you work all day in the factory?
Basically yes. At times I have business trip. I go to user's factory to repair our machine.
Do you frequntly have business trip?
No, not so frequent. Sometimes. But business trip is ofted sudden and unexpected because machine breaks suddenly and unexpectedly. Most of user factory are outside Tokushima, so travel is tough. Repair work makes me tired because we must finish it in time. But I like a feeling of "carrying out the work".
And, this is outside the work, I am happy to eat the local famous food after the repair.
After finishing the work, we need some refreshment.
I would like to hear the final comments for new employee.

Again, machine assembly has wide scope from parts process, piping and electrical adjustment. So you need to learn various skills. Sometimes very tough, but worthwhile job for those who like that kind of work.
And, the company helps us acquire qualifications. I want to improve my skills by getting qualification. So I really appreciate this support.

Naoki Tani
Naoki TaniChief Plumbing Engineer
When did you join Shikoku Industries?
In 2013, when I was 40 years old. I applied for this job through Hello Work.
Have you worked as plumber before?
No. I was inexperienced in plumbing field. Before the Shikoku Industries, I worked a machine maintenance job and an electrical engineering service.
Can you tell me about plumbing job?
We don’t take water and sewage work of a general household. Our main customers are companies. We do equipment piping in customer’s factory.
What is equipment piping concretely?
Machine air piping, coolant piping and fire extinguishment equipment, for example. Pump exchange and burying work of gutters. Whatever has piping is our scope of work.
Quite wide range. Was work tough when you started to work as inexperienced plumber?
I had lots of things to learn. All my colleagues were in the same situation. They learned plumbing here in the company. So you don’t have to worry if you don’t know about plumbing.
What makes you feel the work is rewarding and enjoyable?
I feel satisfied when we can finish piping construction as I imagined. I think piping work needs not only correct function but also good appearance. Beautifully arranged pipes make me feel contented. When I can’t finish plumbing as I think in advance, I take advantage of the opportunity to improve my method.
So what is tough part of the job?
Well, basically hot in summer and cold in winter. We need strength because plumbing is construction work. Personally speaking, I like that kind of job. So, as a matter of fact, I don’t feel so hard. And, this may be different to “tough part of the job”, we work during long holidays.
Do you work during Obon holiday and Golden Week?
We take time off at different days. Some plumbing construction should be carried out during long holidays when factory production stops. So we work during Obon and Golden Week and take a holiday in different period. New Year holidays are off.
You are off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, aren’t you?
Yes. We work on Saturday and Sunday. Some people feel disadvantages about working on weekend and long holidays. I don’t care because we get special allowance. On the contrary, the allowance is a part of motivation of the work.
I agree. The allowance is definitely important. Holidays are described in applicant guidelines. I would like to hear the goal from now on and the final comments for new employee.

I want to improve my welding technique. Now, as chief engineer, I have a lot of paperwork. But I want to develop my skills relating to plumbing.
Now our plumbing team consists of four colleagues including me. Why don’t you try working with us? We guide nexperienced person.

Application details

machine assembly plumber
contents of work Coolant tank assembly. Metal processing by NC miling machine and lathe. Piping work in a factory. Water supply, drainage and sanitary facility piping.
3-5 team work.
wage condition 210,000 yen〜231,000 yen 242,000 yen〜271,000 yen
allowance holiday work  8,000 yen
national holiday work  4,000 yen
perfect attendance allowance 15,000 yen
commuting allowance 800 yen/day
overtime pay
age limit under 40 under 64
holiday five-day week (Sunday and Saturday)
※work on national holiday
Spring, summer and year-end and new year holidays.
Tuesday and Wednesday ※work on national holiday
Spring, summer and year-end and new year holidays.
employment type full-time employment
workplace Itano Second Factory
(6-1 Daijoubou, Nishinakatomi, Itano-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima, Japan)
Itano Factory
(18-1 Daijoubou, Nishinakatomi, Itano-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima, Japan)
working hours from 8:00 to 17:00 (80 minutes break)
Number of employees 14(male:11、female:3)
educational background high school graduate
required experience
required license driver license (AT limited)
trial period a month
insurances employment insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance, health insurance and employees pension insurance.
retirement pension system


8:00~17:00(on weekdays)


reply within two buisiness days



We are recruiting 'plumber' to work together with us.


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