Corporate Profile

Research and developmentWe always try to improve our engineering skills through various activities.

Fluid analysis
We carry out fluid analysis to understand liquid flow in tank.
Based on the analysis results, we will advance new development and improve our products.
Sludge analysis
We continue to analyze sludge by digital microscope.
Constituent element of sludge differs by manufacturing site though it is seemingly same.
The analysis enables us to make sure if our product can be effective on your site.
Demonstration space
We have some demo units in our factory to perform development and experiment.
We can conduct separation test at any time if you send us sludge.

Production facilityWe process components in our factory to control product quality.

From sheet metal working to welding, we make all parts relating to our products.
We flexibly design and manufacture suitable tank for your manufacturing site.
When repair is necessary, we can prepare required parts quickly.
Parts processing order is welcome.

Laser processing section

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Bending section

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Machining section

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We are recruiting 'plumber' to work together with us.


Sludge Cut catalog here.

Q&A about sludge

Q&A to get to know more about sludge