SHIKOKU INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD president & representative director Atsushi Maeno

Shikoku Industries celebrated the 50th anniversary of its establishment.
We appreciate our staff, customers and business partner who always support our production activity.

We will continue to promote technological development to grow together with all those who relate to us. And also we will make a contribution to the local community and the global enviroment.

SHIKOKU INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD president & representative director Atsushi Maeno

Sludge Cut development

Started as piping work company, after long experience of automated equipment, we came up with an idea of Sludge Cut ' self-cleaning coolant tank '.
It was about 25 years ago that we managed to produce a prototype.

Those days we engaged in piping work at a bearing manufacturer and tank cleaning was one of the ordinary tasks. Factory staff also cleaned coolant tank periodically.
So to speak, the tank cleaning was common and necessary for precision processing.

However, I always felt that the production efficiency would have improved without tank cleaning. And, for my part, I wanted my staffs to have a holiday (we used to do tank cleaning on holiday without stopping production lines). That is why I started to develop the Sludge Cut.

Now a lot of Sludge Cuts are working at domestic and foreing factories. Users set a high value on its self-cleaning mechanism and separation performance.
We would be so happy if our product was of service to every users.

There are lots of challenges left for Sludge Cut. We will evolve it to solve problems at production site.



We are recruiting 'plumber' to work together with us.


Sludge Cut catalog here.

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