Goals for the development of SludgeCut

SludgeCut was born to reduce work burden in production site.

It requires much time and labor to clean up the sludge accumulated in tank. It is also time-comsuming to exchange frequently-clogging filters. These works are indispensable and ordinary in production site to keep coolant clean.

We developed SludgeCut to eliminate the laborious duties. Our SludgeCut reduces work burden in production site and contributes to improve the productivity in various aspects such as improvement in the work performance or the running cost.

Sludge Cut Structure

Sludge Cut has its magnetic separation mechanism under the tank.

Sludge Cut separation system

  • Sludge Cut achieves high separation performance by our custom magnet layout.
  • Sludge Cut discharges the grind stone particles accumulated on the bottom of the tank.

The magnet conveyor sinks sludges to the bottom and discharges them in a manner of sliding on the tank bottom plate.

User's Voice

machine tool manufacturer
machine designer
We install the Sludge Cut in front of filters.
Thanks to its high separation performance, the frequency of changing filters has reduced.
agricultural machine manufacturer
on-site person in charge
We don't clean inside the coolant tank since selecting the Sludge Cut. Free from machine trouble so far, we rarely open covers to check inside.
food manufacturers
maintenance staff
We use the Sludge Cut to separate our sludges with many inpurities in addition to grinding swarf and grinding wheel particles. Though other manufacturers separators are not able to deal with it, the Sludge Cut is.
bearing manufacturer
on-site person in charge
Our production site always needs clean and purified coolant.
We do many tests of separation performance to find the best separator at all times and for a long time we have not met better one than the Sludge Cut.
gear transmission manufacturer
on-site person in charge
At any rate I wanted to reduce the frequency of tank cleaning which takes time.
I didn't want my staffs to clean dirty tank. I am glad that by using the Sludge Cut we reduce the frequency to a minimum.
gear manufacturer
on-site person in charge
The budged constraint made us change Sludge Cut to other separator before.
Our site staffs made objection against that and, taking their opinion, we use Sludge Cut from then. I like its 'easy to clean and maintain'.


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