• Simple Filtration Mechanism
  • Excellent Maintenanceability
  • Durable Filter

※SC-300BF for demonstration in our factory.
The tank below the machine is optional.

Simple Filtration Mechanism

Simple Filtration Mechanism
Filtration Process
  1. Dirty coolant flows in.
  2. The coolant is gravity-filtered by belt filter rotating in the direction of the red arrow. Depending on sludge,
    the filtering method is;
    a: surface filtering by regular operation.
    b: cake filtering by float control system.
  3. Filtered clean coolant flows out from the side path.
  4. Sludge is discharged from the front.
  • Our machine doesn't need external equipment management (e.g. air compressor),
    which realizes labor saving in the production.
  • No excessive pressure on the filter makes its life elongate.

Excellent Maintenanceability

Dedicated devices remove the sludge on the filter.

Dedicated devices remove the sludge on the filter.

Toolless Exchangeable Filter

Toolless Exchangeable Filter

  • Filter cleaning devices prevent filter clogging.
  • You can mount/demount filter without any tools only in ten minutes.
  • Quick filter exchange improves work efficiency.

Durable Filter

  • Filter material is inexpensive and easily-handleable nylon mesh.
  • Nylon mesh filter has superior durability ( for 1 year).
  • Durable filter reduces runnning cost and industrial waste.
Coolant Flow Diagram

Coolant Flow Diagram

It depends on the kind of filter or the shape of shavings.
Model Size(mm) Processing Quantity / min
Length Width Height Water-soluble Coolant Oil Coolant
SC-100BF 1230 750 520 200L 100L
SC-200BF 1770 750 520 400L 200L
SC-300BF 2340 750 520 600L 300L
Filtration Performance
Water-soluble Coolant
About 95% Filtration Performance
(Sludge from Cutting and Grinding Machining)
Oil Coolant
About 70 - 80% Filtration Performance
(Sludge from Grinding Machining)

Filtration performance depends on the shape of shavings, the viscosity of the coolant oil and the kind of filter.