Same as the former model, new K SludgeCut is suitable for various machine tools and is applicable both to water-soluble coolant and oil coolant.
    We have different tanks in size, from size appropriate for individual machine, to size for semi-central coolant supplying system connected to multiple machines.

Features of K Model

Features of K Model

    We have developed new mechanism to improve two shortcomings of the former SludgeCut.
    K model succeeds in;

  1. discharging sludge which contains a lot of nonmagnetic material.
  2. reducing the take-out amount of coolant liquid.
Discharge of sludge which contains a lot of nonmagnetic material
    K modelremoves out of the tank the sludge which contains a lot of nonmagnetic material(e.g. grindstone particle).
    This model prevents some problems frequently caused by the sludge lacking in magnetism.
Reduction of the take-out amount of coolant liquid
    K model has a squeeze mechanism at the discharge port to reduce the take-out liquid.
    Reduction of coolant loss makes the new model a low enviromental load separator.

Discharge method of K model

Discharge method of former SludgeCut
Discharge method of former SludgeCut

    Former SludgeCut discharged sludge only by the magnetic force (see the image on the left).
    This method occationally gave rise to undischarged sludge especially on the slope above the liquid surface and R part.
    Moreover, since discharged sludge was not squeezed, coolant liquid gathered in the sludge box.

Image of discharge method of K model SludgeCut
A:Original position

  • :unit slide direction
  • :sludge discharge direction
  • :sludge
  • :motor rotation direction
B:pushing up and squeezing of sludge

According to the motor rotation, the unit slides to the left.

  1. The scarpers push up the sludge.
  2. The scrapers press the sludge against the gate to squeeze.
C:Sludge discharge

  1. After squeezing, the scrapers discharge the sludge compulsorily throuth the open gate.
D:Return to the original position

After removing the sludge, the unit returns to the original position and repeats the operation A-D (The motor rotates continuously).

  1. When returning, the scrapers incline to avoid pushing back the sludge.

K Model SludgeCut:Specifications

note : In the parentheses given are the spec for oil coolant.
Model Processing Rate
Separation Performance Tank capacity
Pump Discharge Unit Motor Drawing
SC-300VK 150(60) more than 90% 295 550 2355 1050 430 0.75(0.4)kw 60w PDF
SC-300VK60 150(60) more than 90% 620 600 2355 1050 630 0.75(0.4)kw 60w PDF
SC-400VK 200(80) more than 90% 390 800 2555 1050 430 1.5(0.75)kw 60w PDF
SC-400VK60 200(80) more than 90% 700 1050 2555 1050 630 1.5(0.75)kw 60w PDF
SC-500VK 250(100) more than 90% 495 900 3115 1050 430 2.2(0.75)kw 60w PDF
SC-500VK60 250(100) more than 90% 935 1250 3115 1050 630 2.2(0.75)kw 60w PDF
SC-700VK 350(140) more than 90% 715 1400 3595 1225 430 5.5(1.5)kw 60w PDF
SC-700VK60 350(140) more than 90% 1320 1700 3595 1225 630 5.5(1.5)kw 60w PDF
SC-1000VK 500(200) more than 90% 1010 1300 3975 1532 430 5.5(1.5)kw 60w PDF
SC-1000VK60 500(200) more than 90% 1880 2300 3975 1532 630 5.5(1.5)kw 60w PDF