Goals for the development of SludgeCut

SludgeCut was born to reduce work burden in production site.

It requires much time and labor to clean up the sludge accumulated in tank. It is also time-comsuming to exchange frequently-clogging filters. These works are indispensable and ordinary in production site to keep coolant clean.

We developed SludgeCut to eliminate the laborious duties. Our SludgeCut reduces work burden in production site and contributes to improve the productivity in various aspects such as improvement in the work performance or the running cost.

【Features of the Magnet Separation SludgeCut】
  • ◆Magnet Separation type removes all kinds of sludge, from sludge produced by heavy duty grinding to sludge from fine polishing procedures.
  • ◆Its unique mechanism removes abrasive grains that cause coolant degradation from the grinding liquid.
  • ◆The removal mechanism and the tank are combined, in order that sludge does not accumulate in the tank.
  • ◆Filter is not necessary.
  1. K Model SludgeCut
  2. S Model SludgeCut
  3. Models for grinding machine
  4. Model for cutting machine
  5. Custom-made model
  6. Short-term delivery model
  7. Video of the sludge separation mechanism
【Features of the Belt Filter SludgeCut】
  • ◆Belt filter type is applicable both to magnetic and non-magnetic shavings.
  • ◆This model doesn’t need external equipment such as air compressor.
  • ◆Toolless and quick exchangeable filter.
  • ◆The belt filter is endless and durable for long-term use.
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